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Custom Wine Labels: from Essence to Impact

If you┬┤re looking for professionals to work on your wine label, it is certain that you know about the direct influence that a good appearance has on sales. Whether we like it or not, the label on a bottle of wine makes more than a presentation cover, and may be a key factor in the decision of who is deciding what yo buy.

Let┬┤s make it clear; the final goal is to convince a customer to buy your wine but, in order to accomplish that, we must first talk about some concepts related to the necessary creative process and it┬┤s results.

A few seconds to seduce. It┬┤s all up to the showcase!

We┬┤ve come to the conclusion that the capacity of a wine label to hoard a potential customer┬┤s attention will be crucial in he┬┤s or she┬┤s decision. It is also true that there are other factors equally relevant: the wine┬┤s price, it┬┤s varietal, people┬┤s personal taste preferences, etc. But let┬┤s put this aside for a minute.

The moment of observation, interest and decision that a buyer takes in the pick of a bottle usually lasts a few minutes, even seconds. We must find the way to show people the identity of our wine in an efficient and rapid way justifying, at the same time, the decision of giving time of attention to the bottle. The precision with how design details are combined, the creative use of color and the seek of a well defined concept will make the job of positively impress whoever stops to look our label.

Here is the work we made for the american wine “Mothernature”. In this case, the design is intended to enhace the most attributes of wine that configures it┬┤s essence: nature, time and aromas.┬á

To generate a convincing visual impact which leads a wine bottle to stand out among the others is not an easy task, but it is necessary. The possibility that someone chooses another option is always there, but if the wine label design works fine, we┬┤ll count with a little advantage for the next time it┬┤s seen.

The power of stories

A wise method to work on the design of a wine label is to think of it as a story carrier. Following this plan, design can be used to represent a narrative structure; either to graphic an ideal, a desire, a conviction or any else. Now, if we decide to go down this path, we must keep in mind that this creative making has to be unfolded in few centimetres and be understandable for whoever watches the label.

Wine is a special product due to the strong bond it usually keeps with the stories, beliefs or philosophy of it┬┤s creators. To convert this influence into a playable message for the viticulture lovers may make a difference in favor of their consideration of a bottle, and custom label design is definitely the way to have success in this.

Working on the label design of the sparkling wine “CENSURADO” we focused in trying to represent positively the restlessness of it┬┤s creator, Miguel. This independent wine producer came to our studio with the idea of launching his own wine line, getting away from the censorious and limiting context in which he was submerged at his previous job.

To focus a wine label┬┤s design on telling a story is a way to earn the empathy and attention of a potential consumer, but it is not the only one, Let┬┤s see what can we do if we want our wine to talk with determined people profiles.

Wine lovers. Are they all the same?

We already talked about the relevance of generating visual impact through design, and how can we use stories to deliver a message to consumers. Let┬┤s step out of the showglass for a bit and go back to get into the creative process of label design.

One of the stages of designing wine labels has very much to do with recognizing a focus audience that we are gonna try to convince (here is when we┬┤re going to find some points to link with the creation of an advertising strategy.)

Anyway, if the concept, the story or even the intention that the wine maker is expressing allow us to identify a clear profile of audience with characteristics, tastes and consumption habits which are more or less visible, we have found an aim to target through design.

A good example to illustrate this idea could be the work we did for the local wine line “BACANAL”. As it┬┤s name tells, the identity of this wine has an origin inspired in the ancient “Bacchanalia” (latin); old crazy parties typical of the roman cult meant to worship Baco, god of wine and fertility. Based on this identification, BACANAL presents itself as defender of a pilosophy that seeks to vindicate music, drinks, dance and love as the primary value and above all human relationship.

Minimalism and softness predominate in this wine label┬┤s design, consummating a concept intended to seduce a young, passionate and fun friendly audience.

Custom Wine Label Makers

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