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Dilema Wines



We were entrusted with the redesign of Dilema Wines. A brand belonging to Fecovita, one of the leading wine groups worldwide. We are facing a brand development with a powerful concept. This dilemma concept is reflected in the label in a very naive way. Which goes unnoticed on the shelves and does not have enough strength to carve out a pregnant and consumable identity. So we took the current concept and reformulated it to a less problematic message with greater positivity and lightness. We modify the brand and its concept so that it is perceived as positive and now solves the problem posed by its original naming.

We came to life to enjoy, to play, to fall in love, to discover new flavors and new experiences. We look for fullness in sports, in art, and in love.
We shouldn’t bother with little things.
Let our only dilemma in this life be to choose how to enjoy it.

Let’s make that enjoyment the destination, and let the wine serve us as a path.