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Hater & Maker

🇨🇱 Chile


Hater & Maker arises because of the climate concerns and how the industries take action (or not) to change the actual situation that we are living in. 
This is a really special wine. It’s conceived through regenerative organic farming, it’s biodynamic, it’s vegan, and uses recycled paper on its labels.

Behind every product is a company that has to make responsible decisions on planning a less polluting planet for everyone.

Haters because WE CARE.

We know what is happening in the world, and we have to make an urgent change. We despise the excessive use of resources and the little effort that industries make to accompany this urgent change that we need.

Makers because WE DO.

We roll up our sleeves and make the change we want to see in our world. If we criticize, we propose solutions and figure our way out to see them realized.

It’s simple: less saying, more doing.