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Nando Parrado Wines



We were honored to develop the labels for Nando Parrado, known for being one of the sixteen survivors of the Uruguayan plane crash in the Andes, also known as the Tragedy of the Andes, which occurred in 1972. After two months trapped in the mountains with other survivors, Nando and Roberto Canessa climbed to across the peaks on a nearly ten-day journey to find help.

We developed 3 lines:

  • Fila 9: Name that refers to the row of seats where Nando was located on the plane
  • Monte Seler: It is the name given to the mountain they had to climb (4600 meters above sea level) completely covered by snow.
  • Viejo Seler: In honor of Seler Parrado, Nando’s father, who was an inspiration and motivation for his survival.