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Reasons to Invest in Packaging Design ¿What is your product telling?

No, it isn´t about a container and that´s all. If we sketch out a simple deffinition, it can be said that the concept of packaging embraces one functional side and one communicational, essential in the bond between the product and clients.

The logical function of a package is to contain the product so it can be moved without suffering scratches, breaks or leaks. But when we focus on it´s appearance and aesthetic attributes, we are already talking about packaging design and getting into the world of image. In fact, this is what needs to be kept in mind in order to lead our brand to stand out from the competition, generating a positive feeling to the consumers.

The package material, it´s size and weight, the label, color treatment and the accurate provision of the logo and product information are some components to take care on the process of packaging design. But let´s look at it step to step.

Time to decide. How much does packaging means?

Let´s take a minute to figure our own experience as we head to buy anything that comes in a package: we stand before a showcase or shop window full of options which we might more or less know, but we have to decide for what we see. If something calls our attention, we´d probably grab it to take a closer look on it, and that´s the primary moment in which packaging design becomes relevant. The so important first impression.

Fact, not opinion: according to a research made by the marketing adviser firm Nielsen, a potencial client of a wine store will dedicate 4 seconds of attention to the bottle that calls his or her attention. But if this close look lasts 7 seconds at least, probability says that the decission of buying it is almost made. Following this statement, the results of the research allow to affirm that wine bottle sales can boost up to 5,5 percent if a wine bottle counts with an objectively attractive packaging design.

Taking the wine industry as a reference, we can figure out the idea of the relevance that design has at the moment of deciding for one or another product. But the thing does not end here; the interaction with what we buy may, most likely, continue after we leave the store.

Beyond the image: further items to reach a professional packaging design

We´ve come to assume that a good first impression is a key to gain relevance and generate real influence in a customer´s decision. Nevertheless, there are other points to consider in the way of making a fine job on a product´s appearance.

The brand´s identity

To complement a package´s aesthetics with the brand´s logo or symbol by taking care of the harmony between both components is a have-to that can be accomplished within packaging design work. This is a key concept if we consider the importance of generating impact through image and spark an interest on the brand at the same time.

Product information

If we aim to conquer the customer´s full attention when interacting with our package, it is necessary to provide a wise and clean distribution of certain information. A disruptive fact about the product, it´s user guide, colorful or relevant points about it´s elaborating process or maybe an identity related idea or message can be very helpful in the communication with anyone that takes a minute to observe the package.

Reuse can seduce

Giving customers the chance to reuse the container material of the products they chose can makes a difference regarding the competition. Of course, not every package is made with this aim but, if possible, taking care of giving a message and a further utility is a nice way to go beyond in the relationship with those who choose our product.

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